About Our Yoga


Pushing the hip downward to release it, the side body lengthens, and you can go deeper into the stretch.


Using your breath to help release the sacrum in Child Pose.


One hand on your sacrum, the other hand on your lower back, gently pressing in opposite directions to release the pelvis.

Kim’s  mission is to assist you with your individual healing process…whether  you are in need of spiritually , mental, emotional or physical healing.

 Testimony:   “Kim’s healing class is like nothing you have had before, her expertise  in therapeutic yoga, is amazing!!!As most professional dancers suffer  after long years of performing and teaching, I too suffer from hip  osteoarthritis.  After one class with Kim, I threw away my pain  medications!” –M. M. Breitner BS CTR  The following two classes with  descriptions have changed my life!

Visit a class and give the gift of yoga to yourself. Your life will never be the same.