About Fitness

Fitness yoga incorporates the best that yoga and fitness training have to offer.

This powerful combination will bring about lifestyle changes that impact the mind, body, and spirit.

Our fitness yoga program consists of six components:

Cardiovascular training is design to improve aerobic fitness,  increases heart rate, energizes you and is just plain fun!  The routines  are designed to work multiple muscles groups from the head to the  feet.

Body-sculpting uses light weights and increased repetitions  define muscles, improve appearance, bolster confidence and strengthen  your bones while improving coordination and posture.

Yoga is an experience as well as a practice. In its simplest form  it consists of a series of poses or postures that coupled with the  breath bring the body into  alignment and balance with the mind and  spirit. The practice of yoga will increase strength and muscle tone  while enhancing pain prevention, breathing, mental calmness, stress  reduction, and body awareness.

Core training  develops deep abdominal muscles and creates increased  and better links between the brain and body.  Strong core muscles take  weight-bearing pressure off the lower back, thereby improving back  pain.  Core training will have an effect on every aspect of your life,  since the area around your trunk and pelvis is where your center of  gravity is located.  A strong core and stable center of gravity will  improve posture, enhance performance and prevent injury by protecting  and bracing the lower back.   Core training also strengthens weak  muscles and imbalances from the inside out.

Breath Work is the key to every form of health and well-being.  A  smooth, free and undisturbed flow of breathe produces health and ease  in body and mind, for breath is the power behind the functioning of your  body and the movement of your mind.  There are many types of breathing  techniques available, however, in this class, focus will be on releasing  blockages and developing an open free uninhibited flow.

Deep Relaxation concludes the class. This guided relaxation and  visualization focuses on progressively relaxing superficial and deep  tissue.  As the body releases tension and stress, the mind begins to  slow down freeing it from the cares of the day. The benefits of this  practice are numerous and well documented in scientific journals. Some  of these are a decrease in blood pressure and heart rate and the  enhancement of serotonin production and the immune system. This is the  “icing on the cake” and the reason many students choose to come to  class.

 If you are looking for a whole mind, spirit and body workout this is the class for you.