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Lifestyle Guidance

Welcome  to the Inspired where we provide services and experiences that  facilitate growth and healing of the body the mind and the spirit.

Reclaim your body from head to toe by using the many opportunities available at the Center.

Inhale wholeness and strength as you exhale tension and stress. 

Our practitioners are committed to supporting you on your journey to health and wholeness through: Yoga Fitness


About Our Yoga

Yoga  is an experience as well a discipline and a practice. The word yoga  means “yoke or union”. A yoga class with its directed focus on the  breath and postures will bring the mind and body into alignment and  harmony with the spirit. There are three components to each class. The  first, Centering, is an opportunity for the student to let go of the day  and bring all of their attention to the present moment. This is  followed by a series of postures, Asana, that free the body from  tension, blocked energy and structural misalignment. Modifications and  assistance are given for the postures allowing students to individualize  their practice. The last segment is Savasana or deep relaxation. This  is a guided progressive relaxation and visualization that relaxes the  body and quiets the mind.  

All  of the instructors at the Inspired Heart Holistic Center are certified  by the Yoga Alliance and teach Hatha Yoga inspired by Doug Keller’s work  in Yoga as Therapy and Iyengar alignment. A full range of classes are  offered from beginning or basic to advanced and ongoing. 


Healing Yoga

Healing Yoga concentrates on therapeutic/physiotherapy, it will help you with  pain management, flexibility, mental and physical stress that occurs  with the demands of everyday life as well as the demands on a healing  body from injury or illness. Flexibility, Awareness, Breath and Life  Balance are keys to living a happy, healthy and spiritually balance  life.